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Emilio Revilla Coquis

Peruvian born, fully bilingual English-Spanish, good knowledge of French, educated in Lima at the Fathers of Maryknoll School, and graduated in Business Administration at Northwood Midland Michigan USA.  Executive extension courses in the areas of sales and finance at the Pacific University in Lima, Futures market seminars dictated by Merryl Lynch in Lima, and Freighting & Chartering seminars dictated by Bunge & Born in Lima.
Started in fish meal and oil trading in 1972, when joined Epchap’s trading team in Lima, a Public company in charge then of trading all the fish meal and oil produced in Peru.  Transferred in 1973 to Epchap’s European Office in Paris France, coordinating during the next 4 years all sales to Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.  Transferred back to Epchap’s Lima headquarters in 1976 as Commercial Sub-Manager.    From 1978 to 1982 worked for two private groups as Commercial Manager, selling fish meal and oil, canned and frozen fish, produced both in trawler vessels and inland factories.  In 1983 formed Scherco, a brokerage company specialized in fish meal and oil sales, where remained until September 2005 when left to form “Brokers Old Fox” in partnership with a friend.
Experienced in ocean freight negotiation for both bulk and containerized cargos. 
Consultant and advisor to exporters in various areas of international trade such as: letters of credit negotiation, export documents handling, arbitrations and claim negotiations.

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